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Is AOL a website with demolition company or a demolition company with a website?

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AOL is angry. The internet knock-off, and bastard step child of media bohemeth Time Warner, is so desperately in search of revenue that it is now suing the parents of a spammer to collect part of the $12.8 million in damages it won in federal court.

The money AOL is looking for is not cash, but bars of platinum and gold buried on the family’s farm in Massachusetts. The family is saying there is no money buried on the premises, and they will fight AOL from tearing up their land in court. The company said since it failed to start its own successful Internet, it planned on using the money to found a mint and would start issuing its own currency sometime next summer. This should be interesting.

Macworld: News: AOL makes software free to boost ad revenue
CNN.com – With shovels, AOL looks for retribution – Aug 15, 2006

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George Allen: U.S. Welcoming Committee Spokesman

Virginia Senator George Allen is a sensative person, which is why it took a media firestorm for him to apologize to challenger James Webb’s opposition researcher, 20-year-old S.R. Sidarth for calling him “macaca,” at a campaign event Friday.

Sidarth, a Webb staffer who tapes Allen at rallys, is of Indian decent, but is also a Virginia-born U.S. citizen.

At the rally, Sen. Allen pointed out Sidarth in the crowd, referred to him, and then said, “Let’s give a welcome to macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.” Read more »

Who wants more laws?

This guy does. According to the New York Times,

“The plot to blow up airliners bound from Britain to the United States has highlighted differences in legal policies between the two allies, with American officials suggesting that their British counterparts have greater flexibility to prevent attacks.

Newly revised British counterterrorism laws, for instance, allow the authorities to hold a suspect for 28 days without charges, where American law generally requires that a suspect held in the civilian court system be charged or released within 48 hours…”

In Wake of Plot, Justice Dept. Will Study Britain’s Terror Laws – New York Times

The first step toward any government flexibility is to eliminate checks and balances, measures that protect the rights of the individual.  It should be interesting to see if the Justice department lobbies for another sweeping PATRIOT ACT.

Thom Yorke speaks English!

In a bitchin’ British accent, Thom Yorke talks to the scribes across the web at Pitchfork Media. He’s plugging his newest baby, a solo album called “The Eraser.”